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so a url that i was giving away that someone asked for hasn’t been picked up yet. and i don’t want to re-save it and have to give it away again. so the url oitscastiel is out there if anyone wants it


this is late i know im sorry ;;


this is late i know im sorry ;;

You don’t think you deserve to be saved?”

we do all the things
they say we can’t do

to battle we go: [ softywolf vs turnpikedarling ]

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"Apparently striving to be average and, just, you know, not trying to achieve anything in life, you’ll get your dream job. It’ll just fall into your lap and you don’t have to really try to be successful at all. And I still don’t try at work."

daninater answered your post: isuclahey: looking for some help wit…

both initial concentrations are a thing you should know/find on the internet. otherwise they can’t be called concentrated/commercial etc.

so the problem is literally just my lack of intelligence. why am i not surprised.